About This Blog

The purpose of the Multimedia Room is simply to put up my verbose ramblings about all kinds of media, from film to books to music to whatever happens to be in my mind at the time. It’s mostly an outlet for ideas and speculations I have on said media, old and relatively new, that I want to explore and discuss with other users who share similar interests.

This page totally encourages discussion amongst users who visit my page as well as with myself. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or call me out on something. I’m well aware I’m not a perfect human being and can admit to an error or five-hundred that I make. This is meant to be an open platform for myself and for everyone else who visits, so in-fighting or flame wars are not the ideal reactions I am looking for, despite the tone of any article that is posted. Keep it light, keep it topical, and most importantly, keep it fun!

That’s about it, really. Happy reading! Any and all constructive criticism is welcome!

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